SCM (Supply Chain Management) System for Recycling

One of the UK’s largest plastic recycler with recycling and production facilities in the UK and China approached Haas Information Management in 2004, they requested a software solution that would process orders, track shipments and generate export data.

At the time they where still processing orders manually which was getting difficult due to rapid growth and expansion. It was established that the system needed to be scalable for future expansion, cost effective and easy to use. Haas Information Management proposed to create part of the software in phases as and when requested. The first phase was the ordering, purchasing and invoicing facilities which allowed the team to track, respond and facilitate orders much faster and with more efficiency than has been done previously. The second phase was to create a logistics and export system which allows key people to track all material from the point of collection to the point of it being sent to an end user as raw material, following it through the entire recycling process.

Due to the competence and reliability of the SCM System Haas Information Management is still further developing, maintaining and supporting the IT infrastructure to guarantee a stable data and information management system.

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